Heartland Farms was started in 2019 by a family that had a dream. Our dream was to help women feel better; not just better but to feel their best! We know that women are predominantly the caregivers in their nuclear households; and with that role comes massive mental, emotional, and physical responsibilities. As we interacted with the women in our families, our friends and in communities we realized that the only person in the family that is not being taken care of is the woman.

Our mission is to encourage women to put their wellness first because when mama isn't happy, no one is happy (or something like that). By cultivating natural remedies that women can trust we are working towards improving the lives of caregivers everywhere.

As good stewards of the land, Heartland Farms also travels to local farmers markets, schools and senior centers to educate our communities about how hemp can help regenerate soils, clean the air, and provide alternatives to traditional plastics, building materials and textiles. It is our hope that by educating our upcoming generations, we can break the stigma that hemp holds and live in harmony with a healthy planet.



In May we began propagating seeds in seed starter cubes. They sat under lights in the basement for about two weeks and then we moved them to their final resting place in our field!

Many of our extended family and friends came to help us get 5,000 plants in the field by hand; which took 3 days.

The life cycle of hemp is about 4 months. During the summer months, we walked our field every day; row by row to make sure each plant was getting adequate water and nutrition.

We love watching people of all ages from all walks connect with the plants. Education is a big part of what we do because we believe this plant and the industry has massive potential to help our people and planet. We educate toddlers to seniors about the vast benefits of hemp!


In October, our extended family and friends rallied around us for two weeks as we cut down plants for harvest!

In those two weeks, we harvested 5,000 plants by hand. We laughed, worked hard, and shared amazing memories!